Why a round-the-world family tour with 4 children

A round-the-world tour is, above all, a dream.

The dream of discovering the world, what is beyond the horizon, seeing with your own eyes the most beautiful wonders of our planet : to remain speechless, amazed and transported in front of breathtaking landscapes, a rising or a blazing sunset.

It is also wonderful encounters, happy moments, moments of sharing and discovery, but also episodes of sadness when saying goodbye.

This unique experience, we did everything possible to live it with all the family in order to see our children grow up, see them smile, laugh out loud, see them marvel at something that seems yet insignificant. In our sedentary life, we have only bits of their evolution often immortalized by others while we work.

Through this trip, we hope to bring them many values ​​and experiences : respect for others, mutual aid, foreign languages, curiosity, perseverance, the desire to learn and discover … We wish that they become citizens of the world because it is the children of today who will build the world of tomorrow.

During this trip, we also want to get back to basics and get away from the consumerist society that drives us to always buy more and spend more!

When we think about it, to live, we need to drink, eat, heat, protect ourselves and … what else?

In our current life, we are already trying to consume local, homemade, avoiding the “E-something”, organic or reasoned : our fruits and vegetables are naturally ugly and a little twisted, why want to calibrate and make them shine ? Why use and abuse chemicals to produce more food when will end up in the trash ? We throw as little as possible out of respect for our planet & for those who don’t have enough to eat and finally just to limit a financial loss.

We buy used second-hand goods to avoid over-production : why produce what sleeps in closets, cartons or an attic ? What a pleasure to see our children revive an old toy forgotten and often stamped “Made in France” ! Furthermore, the planned obsolescence being fashionable on current productions, we know that what we buy new today is likely to no longer work at the end of the warranty.

To limit our needs in trems of natural resources during this trip, we thought about and designed the motorhome to be able to be autonomous in electricity, to heat the water and the air largely thanks to the energy and the heat released by the engine of the truck. We will recover water from the shower and the washing machine for the toilets : why use drinking water that is becominge scarce to clean toilets?

We do not pretend to be “green” as some might define it but want to do everything we can to leave a planet for our children and future generations where they can live in good conditions. Stop overconsumption, waste, throw and instead repair, trade, recycle ….

During this round-the-world tour we plan for several years, we want to create imperishable memories, be happy together, discover, visit, share, laugh …….

… in a nutshell : LIFE !

Important values we want to transmit to our children