Preparations of a future round-the-world family tour with four children

It all started with the reflexion around the motor home : an existing standard model limited to 3.5 T is too light to transport 6 persons and everything needed to live correctly during several years.

The choice of a 4WD heavy-load truck as basis was quickly made in order to get out of most of difficult situations.

Meanwhile, we did researches to custom-made the motorhome ; find the good coachbuilder for exterior works and the good planner for inside works.

We spent 1 year designing the motorhome : cell dimensions, openings, tanks, trunks, electric autonomy (thanks to Victron & FE Solar), heating system, water management … according to our experience, our needs.

After a 9 months gestation (cell, tanks & trunks manufacturing) the truck has been delivered at the end of last year to the interior planner.

We must not forget vaccines (rabies, tuberculosis, hepatitis A), heavy truck driving lincences, equipment purchasing (power generator, seats, bench-type seat for vehicle approval, washing machine, microwave oven…), communication with the partnership file, the website, partner researches, the sale of our house & vehicles, that will finance a large part of the trip…

… And it’s not over !


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